Looking for casual players to join my server (can speak Thai)


Hi there

Sorry, I have very little experience writing in Thai, so I will write this in english. However, I can speak Thai for daily live and generic topics.

I love Minecraft and playing it with friends. However, since my Minecraft friends are located in Europe, we can't really play together that often, because of the time difference (I am living in Thailand).
So I was wondering if there are other Minecraft fans out there who would be interested to play together casually on my server. I would prefer young adults or adults, no kids please.

Specs about me:
Minecraft-level: Advanced (maybe not expert, beat the ender dragon a few times)
Time for playing: 5-15 hours per week, depending on how much work I have, usually playing in the evening
Language: Good Thai, good english, native german speaking

Specs about server:
Spigot Server (Java), version 1.19, vanilla, no mods, keeping up-to-date with newest releases.
Connection is normally no problem, except after a power outage I need to switch the server back on manually.
Only two rules: Don't leave half-cut trees around and fill creeper holes ;)
Running Minecraft Overviewer daily to generate a nice website with world map

Feel free to respond in Thai language.